Bexley Borough Leave it out day

As the saying goes, one person’s trash is another one’s treasure, so we are making 19th May the next ‘leave it out day’ across Welling and anywhere else within Bexley Borough or the surrounding areas. If you have stuff that you no longer want, but you think is too good for the tip, leave it out on your drive, clearly marked between 10am and 5pm and people can help themselves to what they want. You just need to take back what is left at the end of the day and dispose of it yourself.
If you would like to participate by leaving stuff out, to help people see which roads are taking part, please submit your postcode on the form below and we will put a pin in the map to show where the participants are.

The guidelines to hopefully make the day a success (weather permitting!) include:

  • Ensure that the area where everything you leave out is clearly marked so people can be clear what is available for taking
  • Make sure the stuff you leave out is secured so that it cannot blow into the street or road
  • Safely dispose of anything you have left at the end of the day
  • Items are given away ‘as seen’ – don’t knock to ask for more details about items
  • Stay safe and consider your surroundings and how secluded the area is

Please also ensure that you keep yourself safe from bugs such as covid, including taking the following steps:

  • Take hand gel out with you
  • Thoroughly clean anything you take
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The map below marks each postcode that has stated they are participating.  Click on each treasure chest icon to see the road name.  If a road contains more than one postcode, it may be pinned more than once to show the general area to look for.  In most cases, just the postcode is pinned, but some pins do show the house number as well where people have chosen to share it.


For this leave it out day, we are also indicating on the pin whether it is an individual property that has registered or a group of neighbours, so you know if there is likely to be more than one house to look out for.